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I have 48+ years in the Canadian & world wide oil & gas & geothermal industry.

I Blaine worked with Mark on 7 GENS Project 2017, 90kms south of Grande Prairie, Alta on Hi way 40 , I was involved in Water Management , Mark was Equipment Operator running the Grader Maintaining Well Travel dirt roads on Project, The Camp was Massive 800 man , The Dinner was Elite Food was Good , Friendly People.

At Supper Time was a busy Dinner , I was always chatting with people talking about different things, Out of the Corner of my eye I always seen this Indigenous Long pony tail elderly Guy Mark sitting with himself. Having Indigenous relations from my Gramps side of the family , when the dinner got busy sometimes you could not find a seat , there i seen Mark again by himself with 3 open chairs , I approached Him an asked if I could join him, He looked Up an smiled sure no problem . I said to him Tansi hello in Cree , His smile got even bigger. We Hit it off immediately, Exchanging our thoughts , where we worked , etc. Became close friends an good stories told back an forth. Mark went to the Pipeline side of work for Surerus Pipelines 2019 fall . I also went to work for Surerus Pressure Testing 2020, then again we Meet again . Laughing hi fiving seeing each other at days end for Supper etc. Then Mark met my son Richard an he became a family member to us .. Then it was mentioned we should get into business together with the scope of experience we had together. We parted ways different Testing Projects different sites for Rich an Myself. But we still stayed in touch always, spring break of 2022 we joined forces . May 1 2022 Incorporated an Indigenous Energy Company.

My Relations with Christian Pelletier goes back to Weatherford days 1993 , Plus together we helped develop Prepense Specialty Testing for a friend of ours, 2005 Christian set up fill programs for testing . Plus I was Supervisor for Prepense . Very Successful Business in Pipeline Testing today.. 15 Years to Date.

I went to school with Shirley Kind and have known her for over 50 years and in that time we became both great friends and her 20+ expertise in indigenous business is a great asset to our company.